Light Boxing Workout and Training (Sept 19, 2014)

The last few workouts have been extremely rigorous.  We are taking a step back and gaining instruction on technique and proper form, then applying that to today’s workout.  We’ll learn for 20 minutes, workout for 50 minutes.

Boxing Warm Up

•    Shadowboxing – 2 rounds
•    Footwork Review (Cones)
•    Speedbag (instruction)
•    Double End Bag (Instruction)
•    Mirror Work (How to use the mirror to improve your boxing)

10 Rounds

  • Mittwork with Bodyshield (2 rounds)
  • Heavybag (2 rounds)
  • Speed bag (2 rounds)
  • Double end bag (2 rounds)
  • Footwork: Cones (2 rounds)




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